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Hawaii COVID-19 Daily News Digest May 22, 2020


overnor’s Office:

Holiday Weekend Not the Time to Let Our Guard Down

This Memorial Day weekend is bound to bring thousands of Hawai‘i residents and visitors, who’ve first cleared their 14-day traveler quarantines, to our state’s beaches, parks, trails, and other outside spaces. Health officials and state leaders are encouraging continued social distancing, wearing of masks while around others or inside businesses, and frequent hand washing, as necessary for keeping the COVID-19 case count low or at zero.

Yesterday, at Maunalua Bay, a large group of teenagers tied numerous boats together and had a miniature flotilla. Not only were they clearly not socially distancing, they were also in violation of numerous of Governor Ige’s emergency rules, such as having boats less than 20-feet apart.

Gov. Ige said, “As you remember the sacrifices of our service members and celebrate graduates this weekend, please remember to have fun safely. Connect with friends and loved ones in ways that protect yourselves, your loved ones and our community. We’re all in this together and can keep our success going if we remind each other to keep up with safe practices.”

The emergency rules disallow gatherings of more than 10 people and require six feet of social distance unless they are members of the same family. Health Director Dr. Bruce Anderson, said, “Please, please, if you have young people in your family, talk to them about how important social distancing is right now. The last thing anyone wants to happen is to have an asymptomatic family member infect aunty or uncle, grandmother or grandfather.”

Following this consistent direction has resulted in one of the lowest infection rates and death rates in the nation. This good news means each of us is doing our part with safe practices. Let’s ALL keep the positive streak going. Maunalua Bay mini-flotilla:


Department of Health:

No New Cases of COVID-19 Reported and Count Drops by Five

Another day with no new coronavirus cases reported, and five cases (2-O‘ahu, 1-Hawai‘i, 1-Maui, 1-Kaua‘i) were dropped from the count after a review of test results showed these cases to be indeterminate. That leaves the total cumulative count of COVID-19 cases since Feb. 28, 2020 at 642.

Hawai‘i COVID-19 Counts as of 12:00 noon, May 22, 2020

Island of DiagnosisNew CasesReported since



(including new cases)

Total Released from Isolation*
Residents Diagnosed outside HI010 
Total released from isolation  585

* Includes cases that meet isolation release criteria. Cases that have died and one case that left the jurisdiction have been removed from these counts. ++5 cases were removed from the counts as a result of updated testing information.

 Laboratory* Testing Data

There were 559 additional COVID-19 tests reported via electronic laboratory reporting.

Total Number of Individuals Tested by Clinical and State LaboratoriesPositiveNegative

*Electronic Laboratory Reporting  **15 test results were inconclusive

Hawaiicovid19.comCOVID-19 Cases by Exposure as of May 21

For more tables visit:


Hawai‘i Tourism Authority:

1,203 Passengers Arrive on Thursday

Yesterday marked two months since the State’s mandatory 14-day self-quarantine for all passengers arriving in Hawai‘i from out of state. Yesterday, a total of 1,203 people arrived in Hawai‘i including 363 visitors and 332 returning residents. There was a total of 17 arriving flights. This table shows the number of people who arrived by air from out of state yesterday, but does not show interisland travel.


Crew12 128 140
Transit1 150 151
Military  75 75
Exempt  31 31
Relocate to Hawai‘i4 107 111
Returning Resident20 312 332
Visitor27 336 363
GRAND TOTAL6401,13901,203


Department of Transportation:

New Mandatory Travel Declaration Form

The DOT Airports Division is using a new travel declaration form for all arriving domestic and international passengers and all departing interisland passengers in Hawai‘i. The revisions include the addition of departure information, the purpose of travel and how the person made the reservation. Every adult traveler is required to complete the form in its entirety.

The new mandatory travel declaration form is being used instead of the Department of Agriculture declaration form for passenger tracking. Both forms are mandatory and will be provided to passengers on trans-Pacific domestic and international flights by the flight crews. The agriculture form will be collected prior to landing by the flight crew, as it was before the travel quarantine began. The travel declaration form will be collected and verified by an airport representative after the passenger exits the plane. The mandatory travel declaration form:


Department of the Attorney General:

California Woman Arrested For Travel Quarantine Violation

A 51-year old woman from Moorpark, CA was arrested this morning by a team of Special Agents from the Investigations Division of the Department of the Attorney General for violating the State’s 14-day travel quarantine.Investigators say she arrived in Honolulu on May 9 to stay with her son at a Hawai‘i Kai condominium. A resident of the complex reported seeing her and her son unloading luggage that day. Two days later, the same witness reported seeing the pair enter the condo lobby carrying beach equipment. On Wednesday, she was spotted walking her son’s dog. This morning investigators went to the complex to interview witnesses. As they were doing so, they saw Beutler and her son come out of the elevator and attempt to walk out of the building. She was arrested, booked and charged. Her bail is set at $2,000.

Full release:


Department of Public Safety:

Population Report

From March 2 to May 22 there has been a 767-person decrease in the jail population across the state. These reductions are due to the huge, up-front diversion efforts made by county police departments, PSD’s Intake Services Center Division and the State Judiciary. More recent, additional reductions are due to the collaborative efforts of the state public defender’s office, county prosecutors, the Hawai‘i Supreme Court and the Supreme Court appointed Special Master, Judge Dan Foley. As the focus now shifts to the sentenced prison population, reports will be updated to include the prisons. Prison population has seen a 94-person decrease within the same timeframe.

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