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Special Alert!!!  Realtor Peter Savio is offering special low interests (0-4%) and leases for the few remaining spaces at the Mary Savio Medical Plaza. In addition, the final phase of expanding MSMP by adding business condos at the ocean end will start at the  end of this year or early 2019. This special offer with limited availability will not last. You can contact Michael Reece at 382-4247 or email at [email protected]


​Welcome to the new Mary Savio Medical Plaza at Newtown.  We are a conglomerate of independent health care physicians and professionals. Located in the heart of Honolulu, close to the shores of memorable Pearl Harbor and in the middle of Aiea and Pearl City in the Leeward Area of central Honolulu in Oahu

Our Mission

Our goals are to provide independent, quality, professional, multi-disciplinary health care providers in Hawaii. Mary Savio Medical Plaza will continue to deliver state-of-the-art health care for West Oahu residents and the state of Hawaii. We bring many new therapies and procedures to the islands, and continues to expand our services to meet the health care needs within our community.